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Priory's Choice

Zinfandel Rose £12.95

125ml Glass £2.95

250ml Glass £4.50

Healy & Gray

Bright salmon pink colour and fresh nose of raspberry and


Sauvignon Blanc £12.95 

125ml Glass £2.95

250ml Glass £4.50

Healy & Gray

A lively wine with good citrus and green apple flavours


Cabernet Sauvignon £12.95 

125ml Glass £2.95

250ml Glass £4.50

Healy & Gray

A deep ruby red colour
Its aromas are reminiscent of ripe red summer fruits


Whíte Wíne

Sereno Pinot Grigio £13.75


This delicious wine has a light citrus aroma which leads to a mixture of juicy fruits and just a hint of vanilla on the palate


Monterey Bay Chardonnay £14.95


A fabulous balance of refreshing citrus and tropical fruit flavours with just a hint of vanilla on the finish


Chameleon Creek Chenin Blanc £14.95

South Africa

Off-dry bursting with citrus and pineapple aromas, well balanced and refreshing


Red Wine

Tierra Del Fuego Merlot £13.75


This wine has a beautiful bouquet of black cherries and red summer fruits. A delightful wine to be enjoyed anytime


Parlez-vous? Malbec £15.95


A delightful ruby colour that has an expressive bouquet of red fruits that leads to a harmonious and nicely structured wine


Rose Wine

Sereno Pinot Grigio Blush £13.95


The height of fashion - light fresh strawberry flavours and very easy drinking


Champagne De Castelnau Brut N/V £ 37.00


Lively but gentle with notes of apricot and white peach. The spontaneity and charm of this Brut Champagne make it a natural temptation anytime, day or night

Sparkling Wíne

Prosecco Serenello Extra Dry £16.95


The delicious aromas of apple and pear melt into a smooth and fresh wine on the palate