Evening Menu

Every Friday & Saturday from 5pm

British Tapas


Spicy Italian meatballs (GF)                                                £6.95

In a tomato and chilli sauce baked with grated cheddar

Chicken strips                                                                        £6.95

Coated in panko crumb and served with garlic mayo

Breakfast in a bowl                                                               £6.50

Crispy bacon, sliced sausage, black pudding crutons, 

soft egg and fried ciabatta soldiers

Belly pork bites (GF)                                                              £7.15

Served in a honey, soy and garlic glaze

Pigs in blankets (GF)                                                             £5.75

Served with a homemade BBQ dipping sauce

Potato Skins (GF)                                                                  £5.25

Filled with mature cheddar and crispy bacon bits



King prawns (GF)                                                                   £7.00

Served with button mushrooms, chilli, garlic and herb butter

Haddock goujons                                                                  £6.50

Lightly battered, with homemade tartare sauce 

Smoked salmon cocktail (GF)                                             £6.50

Served with marie rose dressing

Whitby scampi (GF)                                                              £6.75

With tartare sauce and wedge of lemon


Goats cheese (GF)                                                                £5.95

Warmed, thickly sliced and served on a bed of Provençale sauce

Nachos                                                                                    £4.95

Topped with melted cheese, jalapenos and sour cream

Brie                                                                                           £5.75

Lightly battered and deep fried with a cranberry dip

Button mushrooms                                                              £5.25

Deep fried in a crispy golden batter and 

served with garlic mayo

Stir-fried vegetables (GF)                                                     £5.25

With roasted peppers in a light honey and soy glaze

Other bits

Hand cut chunky chips (GF)                                                £3.25

Sprinkled with sea salt

Sweet potato wedges (GF)                                                  £3.75

Sprinkled with sea salt

Beer battered onion rings                                                    £3.75

Homemade with garlic mayo dip

Garlic ciabatta bread                                                            £3.95

With melted mature cheddar

House salad (GF)                                                                  £2.80

Drizzled with homemade dressing


Sizzling Platters

Served on a hot skillet with your choice of basmati rice or chunky chips


Strips of Steak (GF)                                                            £14.50

With onions, peppers and BBQ sauce

Cajun Chicken (GF)                                                             £13.50

With mixed vegetables and mango chutney

King prawns (GF)                                                                £13.95

Served with sweet chilli stir fry

Mixed vegetable (GF)                                                         £12.95

With black bean and ginger



8oz Ribeye Steak (GF)                                                        £19.95

Cooked to your choosing served with hand cut chunky chips, battered onion rings, tomato, mushrooms and petit pois


12oz Gammon Steak (GF)                                                 £15.95

Served with hand cut chunky chips, fried egg, petit pois peas and tomato


8oz Burgers

All served in a soft white bun with seasoned chunky chips, dressed salad garnish and kaleslaw. Please choose one of the following:

Classic Burger                                                                        £7.25

Bacon Cheeseburger                                                            £7.95

Brie, Bacon and Cranberry Burger                                      £8.95

Chilli Burger                                                                            £9.95

Chicken Burger                                                                      £7.25

Vegan Burger with Mushrooms                                          £7.75


Breaded chicken breast, fried until golden, topped with white sauce, and melted cheese, served with hand cut sea salted chunky chips, dressed salad and garlic dip. Please choose one of the following:

Classic Chicken Parmo                                                      £13.95

Kiev Parmo                                                                           £14.95

Garlic Mushroom Parmo                                                   £15.95

Chilli Parmo                                                                          £15.95


Red Thai Vegetable Curry (GF)                                           £9.95

A mix of vegetables cooked in an authentic style sauce with coconut, red peppers, chillies, garlic and basil. Served with basmati rice and garlic bread

Veggie Bolognese                                                                 £9.95

A rich tomato sauce with roasted peppers, mushroom medley, garlic and onions. Served on a bed of spaghetti with a side of garlic




Belgian Chocolate Brownie Sundae                                   £4.50
Triple chocolate brownie pieces, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, served in a tall glass with whipped cream and chocolate flake

Toffee Sundae                                                                       £4.50
Vanilla ice cream smothered with homemade toffee sauce, fudge pieces, whipped cream and chocolate flake

Mixed Berry Sundae                                                              £4.50
Fruits of the forest mixed with vanilla ice cream, 
meringue pieces, whipped cream and raspberry coulis

Giant Sundaes                                                                     £12.95
Available in all flavours. Great to share!

Mixed Berry Eton Mess (GF)                                                £4.65
Classic fusion of fruits of the forest, Chantilly cream, 
meringue and coulis

Homemade Waffles
Warm waffles finished with one of the following toppings. Choose from:

Toffee apple sauce                                                               £4.95
With vanilla ice cream

Chocolate brownie pieces                                                   £4.95
With mini marshmallows, chocolate ice cream,
chocolate sauce and chocolate flake sprinkles

Old School Sponge Puddings
Choose from:

Lemon                                                                                     £3.45
Sticky Toffee                                                                          £3.45
Jam                                                                                         £3.45

GF - Gluten Free

Traces of gluten and other allergens may remain in all dishes

Please speak to our team regarding any food allergies and intolerances


Private dining and private parties are more than welcome.